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Spanish Teacher - Emily Balgach

Contact Information:


(203) 891-8034 ext. 2203

Classroom Expectations:

1.  Be respectful!  Students are expected to treat each other AND Señorita B with respect.  Students will give each other and Señorita B turns to talk without interrupting.  Students will also always treat each other how they’d like to be treated!

2.  Try your hardest!  Señorita teaches most of class IN Spanish with minimal use of English.  Sometimes, this can be very difficult!  It is important to try to figure out what Señorita is saying. 

The best way to do this is to: 

·         Listen for COGNATES (words that sound similar in Spanish and English that you can assume what they mean)

·         Listen for REPETITION – Señorita repeats important words / phrases many times that she wants you to learn and be able to use

·         Look for CONTEXT CLUES – Señorita uses body language, signaling, and other cues while using Spanish to help students figure out what she is trying to communicate to them

·         ASK FOR HELP – ask friends in class and Señorita B for help when you are confused / lost.

3.  Have fun!  In Spanish, we’re supposed to have fun while we learn to use Spanish!

Follow me (and the Specialist team of Peck Place) to receive updates about what is happening in class!


¡Hola!  My name is Señorita B (short for Balgach!) and I am the Spanish teacher at Peck Place School.  I grew up in Fairfield, CT.  Part of my family is from Fajardo, a small town in the northeastern corner of Puerto Rico.  I have been teaching Spanish for 5 years.

I studied Spanish and Education at the University of New Hampshire.  After graduating, I lived abroad for many years teaching English at public schools throughout Córdoba and Granada, Spain. 

Outside of school, I love to read, cook, travel, and spend time with my friends and family, especially my perrita (dog), Daisy.