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Mrs. Butler

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203-891-8030 ext.3101

Grade 2

Reader's Workshop

Grade 2 readers engage in a number of reading formats throughout the day. Reader's Workshop is where students build not only their reading skills, but a love of reading! By participating in minilessons, guided reading groups, partnerships. and independent conferences, students build their fluency, comprehension and communication skills while reading engaging, just-right books. An emphasis is placed on "eyes on print" time as students build their reading stamina. Students should be reading books at their "independent" or "just right" level whenever possible. Through formal and informal assessments, I will direct students (and parents) toward just-right texts based both on their reading level and interests. In small group or class settings, students may reach for their "instructional" level by reading a book just above what they can read on their own. One of my favorite parts of the day is read-aloud time. I will work hard to choose engaging, meaningful, sometimes silly books that will no doubt spark some of our best discussions. I appreciate your efforts to ensure consistent at-home reading takes place. This can be in the form of independent or shared reading. Reach out anytime for suggestions on texts or tips to promote good reading habits!

Writer's Workshop

Writing is an exciting time in second grade! In Writer's Workshop, each student is seen as a capable writer, full of ideas and abilities that are developed further through minilessons, small group sessions, individual conferences and ample time to practice---that is to just WRITE! Just as in Reader's Workshop, writers must develop their stamina as they are better equipped to put their pen to the paper and flex their writing muscles! Students will learn strategies for brainstorming, growing ideas, drafting, revising and editing. Paper choice is key in grade 2. While not quite ready for the golden "Writer's Notebook" they'll begin using in later years, grade 2 writers will be steered toward small notepads and various paper styles as they use their writing voice in different ways. Pens are also used in Writer's Workshop. Blue or black pens may be used on a daily basis when the emphasis is letting ideas flow onto the paper. Simple cross-outs are encouraged a long the way but are never to get in the way of writing. Green and red pens are used purposefully for revising and editing. Pencils will be used for final products so neat corrections can take place along the way. Writing is a time for our class to make meaningful connections with one another. We will get to know each other not only as writers, but as people, too!


Math rotations take place in Room 1 on a regular basis. The lesson begins with a whole group minilesson where a specific concept, skill or strategy is introduced. Students then work on a few different activities to build their content knowledge, practice a particular skill, work on math facts, and engage in problem-solving and extension opportunities. Students work in small groups, pairs or individually. As part of our daily Morning Meeting, calendar math and math chat activities will take place. This is an additional time in our day where we can talk about math as we share our math thinking with one another. Regular at home fact practice is strongly encouraged. When students know their addition and subtraction facts it serves them quite well as they engage in more advanced math situations. Never hesitate to ask about ways to help your son or daughter master his or her facts!