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Mrs. Paolella

Welcome to Mrs. Paolella's

5th Grade Classroom

Email: kpaolella@orange-ed.org

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Homework Assignments can be found on Google Classroom

Room 17 Classroom Rules

“No student has the right to interfere with the learning and safety of others.”

Listen to each other and always remember your manners.

Treat classmates, the classroom, and yourself with respect.

Take responsibility for what you say and what you do.

Raise your hand to speak and use your hands to help not hurt.


Respectful behavior is expected throughout the school day, even when you are not in the classroom! It is important to remember that we need to speak respectfully to each other, and treat each other respectfully. For example, it is inappropriate to get up during a presentation, to make a judgment about someone’s interests. I do not tolerate disrespect in the classroom, and know the year will go smoothly if we all treat others how we’d like to be treated.


*Each time a student does not follow established routines, procedures, or directions (e.g. going to bathroom without asking, not putting up chair at the end of the day, losing morning work, etc.) the student will receive a check, which is equivalent to 5 minutes off extra recess. 

Severe Clause: Any action, physical or verbal, by a student that is deemed dangerous or disrespectful to any other student or adult will result in an immediate office referral.

Morning Routine

Unpack your backpack and hang it on your hook along with your.

Hand in your homework on the front table. This includes any notes or forms to be handed to Mrs. Paolella.

Have two pencils sharpened in the morning.

Take your morning work out of your folder.

Be in your seat and working when morning announcements begin.

Leaving the Room for Specials, Recess, Lunch, and Dismissal

Students will line up in a quiet, single line when directed.

Students will wait quietly at dismissal at their seats until all buses are called, and are responsible for putting up their chairs before leaving for the day.

Students will walk quietly to their destinations.

Hallway Conduct

We will walk to specials, lunch, recess, and assemblies in silence through the hallways.

Remember to keep your hands off the walls.

Please respect other students’ work on display.

Fire Drills

Push your chairs in and line up silently in a straight light line at the back door.

Take a left past the swings. Make a straight, line in the field.


It is extremely important to know the lockdown procedure. This is discussed in the classroom with all students.


Ask for permission for anything that is touched or borrowed from myself or a classmate.

Put materials back where they belong.

Do not touch anything on the teacher’s desk.

Homework and Projects

You will be assigned homework for the week on Monday.  It will consist of Math and two other assignments.  All assignments are due on Friday.  

Periodically, you will have special projects due in Math, Reading, Writing, Social Studies, or Science.

Each assignment must be completed and handed in on time.

Homework is VERY important. Please make sure that you are responsible for it.

Consequences for Incomplete or No Homework

Students who do no hand in completed homework assignments on time will lose 5 minutes per assignment off of Fun Friday for that week.

If you are absent, you must bring your homework assignments in the day you return.

If you are absent on a day that a report or project is due, bring it to school when you return.

From time to time, family emergencies prevent a student from completing his or her daily homework. If this should occur, please have your parent send in a note the next day and there will be no consequence for missing the daily homework.

The missed work must be handed in the following day along with the current assignments.

Rewards for Good Behavior and Impressive Work

Students will earn rewards for their own personal excellent behavior by demonstrating good character, being prepared for assignments, working hard, or using their time wisely.

3 - 5 lucky ticket winners will be drawn every week and will have the opportunity to choose from Mrs. Paolella’s prize box!