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Principal's Page


Dear Parents and Staff,

It is with great excitement that I write this letter to the entire school community. Welcome to The Peck Place School!  As a young girl attending PPS from grades K-6, I grew up hearing many stories about the history of the school, the unique design of the building, and the amazing people in my community. I quickly learned to be grateful for the education I received.  As a teacher at The Peck Place School, I learned from exceptional colleagues and leaders. I was honored to be a member of a National Blue Ribbon School and I was grateful to be part of a staff providing cutting-edge educational opportunities to our students. As a parent of three children who attended The Peck Place School, I am aware of how our school shaped their futures.

One of the stories that has stuck with me since my childhood was about the name of our school.  It was named The Peck Place.  The Peck Place was what the land was affectionately called by many young children living in the area.  Before there was a school built on the current location, it was a gathering place.  After school, or on the weekends, children would say, “I’ll meet you at The Peck Place!”  The land was owned by the Peck Family and it served as a place for children to play, friendships to develop, memories to be made, families to gather, and generations to come together.

The Peck Place is the perfect name for our school.  Today, PPS provides the very same opportunities for children, families, and staff as the land did many years ago. It is a place where children play and LEARN, friendships develop, memories are made, families gather, and generations come together to support each other.

I am honored and humbled to be provided the opportunity to lead a talented group of teachers, a dedicated staff, and a vibrant community filled with aspiring children and supportive parents. I look forward to working with you to continue the tradition of excellence established at The Peck Place School.  Together we will seek ways to empower our children, provide high-quality instruction for all students, and maintain a strong sense of pride in our school community.

To those of you who have crossed paths with me as a teacher in town for over twenty years or as the principal of Mary L. Tracy School, I look forward to reconnecting with you.  To those of you who do not yet know me, I look forward to meeting you and to forming a partnership. 


Tricia M. Lasto