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Research Tools


Grade 6 Projects

Online tool for creating a bibliography (a list of sources used for a project)
Warning: This free version of EasyBib has lots of ads, but is still an excellent tool.

China Newspaper Project

Coming soon ...

World War II Project

Research Links for World War II Overview Information Web

"World War II: An Overview" from Scholastic

World War II Museum

America's Story Depression and World War II

Ken Burns World War II Documentary

Remember: World Book Online is also an excellent source! See the link at the top of this page.


Korea Newspaper Project

Research Links:
See the link above for World Book online. Ask your teacher for the username and password.

The CIA Factbook offers a wealth of information on the following topics: Geography, People & Society, Government, Economy, Energy, Communications, Transportation, Military, and Transnational Issues.

This website from PBS titled “Hidden Korea" focuses on geography, history, culture, religion, festivals and food.

Brief articles on South Korea from National Geographic Kids with the following topics: Geography, Nature, History, People & Culture, Government & Economy, and Fast Facts.

This is a website from the Asia Education Foundation designed for teachers and students interested in learning more about contemporary (modern-day) Korea.

Read about Chuseok, Korea's harvest festival on this site from the Asia Society.

Writing Book Reviews

Example of a great book review written by a student

Tips for writing a book review from author Rodman Philbrick

Grade 5 Projects

Animal Project

World Wildlife Fund (Scroll down to the bottom to search for an animal by name.)

National Geographic

National Geographic Kids

Kids' Planet from Defenders of Wildlife

National Zoo

Civil War

Civil War Trust -- Student Resources

America's Library from the Library of Congress


National Inventors Hall of Fame

Grade 4 Projects

U.S. Regions Project

World Book Online (see link at top of this page)

FactMonster -- online almanac

The U.S. Census Bureau is the official government agency that tracks demographic data. Click here to see how they divide the country into regions. (It's different than your textbook! You will need to use some problem solving skills to get an accurate population number.) Click here to view a table with population by U.S. Census Bureau region. You will probably also need to know the population of each state. This site from the U.S. Census Bureau has population and other statistics by state, presented on a site specifically for kids.

CensusScope -- Maps with data about race (multi-cultural breakdown) and age with information from the U.S. Census

This article from Slate.com has maps (created with data from the U.S. Census Bureau) showing common languages spoken.

This article from the American Psychological Association can help you determine the personalities of residents in your region. Be sure to scroll down and look at the maps.

Encyclopedia Britannica Population Density Map -- This map can help determine if your region is mostly urban, suburban or rural.

Dog Breeds Project

World Book Online (see link at top of this page)

The American Kennel Club (AKC)

The Westminster Kennel Club breed directory



CT State Capitol Webquest

ConneCT Kids – The Connecticut State Capitol

(You will need to click through and look at all 6 pages.)

ConneCT Kids – Connecticut Government

The Case of the "Amistad Africans"

World Book Online (see link at top of this page) -- Search for "Amistad Rebellion" or "Cinque, Joseph"
For login info, see Helpful tips for using WB Online

Article from Cobblestone magazine: "The Story of the Amistad Africans" by Mary Ann Limauro

Article from Weekly Reader magazine: "Sailing for Freedom"

The Case of Prudence Crandall

World Book Online (see link at top of this page) -- Search for "Crandall, Prudence"
For login info, see Helpful tips for using WB Online

Article from Britannica Biographies: "Crandall, Prudence"

Article on the Prudence Crandall Museum from the State of CT website

Article on Prudence Crandall from the CT Women's Hall of Fame website

Article on Prudence Crandall from the National Women's History Museum website