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Allergies & Nutrition

The Orange Public Schools participate in the State of Connecticut's Healthy Food Initiative. We are a certified healthy foods school district and we work hard to meet state requirements for balanced nutrition. Every lunch served includes the correct balance of whole grains, protein, dairy, vegetables and fresh fruit. Our snacks, juices and ice creams also follow the State's guidelines for nutritional value. You can learn more about the State's nutrition standards under the "USDA Nutrition Standards" link found to the right.

Does your student have any food allergies? The Orange Board of Education Food Services Department works in conjunction with the school nurses to manage and safe guard those students with food sensitivities and allergies.

Please Note: While we strive to adhere to the printed lunch menu, circumstances may cause us to alter the lunch options for any given day. Substitutions from our vendors may occur. You may contact your student's School Nurse directly with any questions or concerns about what is being served or to make a special request for your child.

We also welcome any questions or suggestions you may have to help make the lunchroom experience a positive and safe one for your child. You may contact Gloria Nicoletti, Food Service Manager, at 203-891-8028 ext 1115 or email gnicoletti@orange-ed.org with any questions or concerns regarding Food Services.