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You must submit a School Facilities Use Request form for all activities taking place on school grounds after school hours. If you have any questions, contact the Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent, Darlene Williams at dwilliams@orange-ed.org.

Use of School Facilities

It is the policy of the Orange Board of Education to encourage the community use of school buildings when such use is in the public interest and does not unreasonably conflict with school activities. Anyone wishing to use a school building is required to complete an application for the use of a building, grounds, or equipment. The process of formally requesting the use of school facilities is, as follows:  

  • A person seeking the use of school facilities may download a Request for Use of Facilities form (see below) or obtain one from the Superintendent's Administrative Assistant at the District BOE office. 

  • The completed original Request for Use of Facilities form should be submitted to the Business Administrator or his/her designee. It must be accompanied by a Certificate of Liability Insurance for a minimum of $1,000,000, naming Orange Board of Education as the Certificate Holder.  

  • The Business Administrator or his/her designee shall determine if the school facility is available on the requested date(s) for the particular event or activity. 

Since school buildings and grounds are public property, the Board of Education may make them available for purposes other than education when they are not in use for school purposes. The use of school facilities for school purposes has precedence over all other uses. 

  • During the week buildings will be available for use 6:30pm - 8:30pm

  • Requested use of facilities should be made as far in advance, with a three (3) week minimum notice required when possible. All requests for the use of any facility shall be presented to the Business Administrator or his/her designee on a Request for Use of School Facilities form available at the District Office or downloaded below. 

  • The sponsoring adult shall be responsible for taking attendance of all participants and shall not leave the property until all participants under his/her supervision have departed.

  • At no time should any doors be propped open for others to enter the building.  The person responsible for the group must let all participants into the building to take attendance.

  • Persons attending any functions must confine themselves to the areas assigned for their use.

  • Smoking is prohibited anywhere (in any area within the school building or outside of the school building) on school property.  

  • The utilizing organization will assume financial responsibility for all damage, destruction or loss of school property occurring while the building is being used by them. 

Please click the link below for a copy of the Request for Use of Facilities to submit to the Central Office for approval.