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7/16/20 Personnel/Policy/Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda/Minutes
7/20/20 Finance Committee Meeting Agenda/Minutes
7/20/20 Board of Education Meeting Agenda/Approved Minutes
7/20/20 Board of Education Executive Session Meeting Minutes 
7/23/20 Curriculum/Instruction Committee Meeting Agenda/Minutes
8/12/20 Building/Grounds/Safety & Security Agenda/Minutes
8/17/20 Finance Committee Meeting/Agenda - Cancelled  
8/17/20 Board of Education Meeting Agenda/Approved Minutes  
8/31/20 Personnel/Policy/Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda/Minutes
8/31/20 Curriculum/Instruction Committee Meeting Agenda/Minutes
9/21/20 Finance Committee Meeting Agenda/Minutes
9/21/20 Buildings/Grounds/Safety & Security/Agenda  - Cancelled 
9/21/20 Board of Education Meeting Agenda/Approved Minutes
9/21/20 Board of Education Executive Session Meeting Approved Minutes 
9/29/20 Curriculum/Instruction Committee Meeting Agenda/Minutes
10/13/20 Buildings/Grounds/Safety & Security Meeting Agenda/Minutes
10/19/20 Finance Committee Meeting Agenda/Minutes
10/19/20 Board of Education Meeting Agenda/Approved Minutes
10/26/20 Personnel/Policy/Transportation Meeting Agenda/Minutes
10/26/20  Curriculum/Instruction Committee Meeting Agenda/Minutes
11/9/20 Buildings/Grounds/Safety & Security Agenda/Minutes
11/16/20 Finance Committee Meeting Agenda/Minutes
11/16/20 Board of Education Meeting Agenda/Approved Minutes
11/30/20 Personnel/Policy/Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda - Cancelled
12/14/20 Buildings/Ground/Safety & Security Meeting Agenda/Minutes 
12/14/20 Personnel/Policy/Transportation Committee Meeting Agenda/Minutes
12/21/20 Finance Committee Meeting Agenda/Minutes  
12/21/20 Board of Education Meeting Agenda/Approved Minutes
1/19/21 Board of Education Meeting Agenda/Approved Minutes 
1/19/21 Finance Committee Meeting Agenda/Minutes
1/28/21 BOE Budget Workshop Agenda/Minutes
2/8/21 BOE 2nd Budget Workshop Agenda/Minutes
3/1/21 Curriculum/Instruction Committee Agenda/Minutes
3/15/21 Finance Committee Meeting Agenda/Minutes
3/15/21 Board of Education Meeting Agenda/Approved Minutes
3/29/21 Personnel/Policy/Transportation Agenda/Minutes   
4/19/21 Finance Committee Meeting Agenda/Minutes  
4/19/21 Board of Education Meeting Agenda/Approved Minutes 
4/26/21 Personnel/Policy/Transportation Meeting Agenda/Approved Minutes 
4/26/21 Curriculum/Instruction Committee Meeting Agenda/Minutes 
4/26/21 Buildings/Grounds/Safety & Security Meeting Agenda - Cancelled
5/10/21 Buildings/Grounds/Safety & Security Meeting Agenda/Minutes 
5/17/21 Finance Committee Meeting Agenda/Approved Minutes 
5/17/21 Board of Education Meeting Agenda/Approved Minutes
6/14/21 Buildings/Grounds/Safety & Security Meeting Agenda/Approved Minutes
6/21/21 Finance Committee Meeting Agenda/Approved Minutes 
6/21/21 Board of Education Meeting Agenda/Approved Minutes